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1010 Wien


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We offer the whole range of ANRI woodcarvings. Nativities by Bernardi, Ferrandiz, figurines by Sarah Kay and many other crafts in wood. In a short time, the store was known as a meeting place for collectors and lovers of the ANRI masterpieces. Over the years we became one of the leading ANRI dealers in the world, and we are proud to have more than just a friendly relation to today's owner of ANRI, Mr. Thomas Riffeser.

Today we stock the whole range of ANRI products: Nativities in Maple by Ulrich Bernardi, Juan FerrŠndiz, Prof. Karl Kuolt., and the series ? Holy Land ? from the ?Vatican Library Collection'. The new line ?Back to the Roots? consisting of the Florentiner nativity and the cr?che by Walter Bacher in Linden wood, and not to forget the very particular nativity in Chestnut by Fini Moroder.

Collectors can dunk into the world of the charming figurines by Sarah Kay and the adorable works of Juan FerrŠndiz. Of course you will also find the outstanding animal interpretations by Gunther Granget, and the religious line including cherubs, angels and madonnas, mostly created by ANRI master sculptor Ulrich Bernardi. Last but not least, be prepared to meet the new ANRI WOODiS.

Since the beginning our family business has had a reputation for outstanding service with a personal touch, and is recognized by our local customers as by visitors from all over the world. Seize the opportunity on your next trip to Vienna . Come and meet us, right in the heart of this exceptional city, or click the button at the bottom of each page to directly browse and buy the great variety of ANRI products.

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